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John Ason Discusses: How you can benefit from

 the emerging global startup and angel ecosystem

Sep17 9/17/2014 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: The Princeton Marriott   View Map   Register for this Event

What does it take to get an angel investor to fund your company?

John Ason is well known to the NJEN community. He has been a professional angel investor for about 17 years and has funded over 40 startup companies, mostly in e-commerce, technology, digital social media and entertainment, the majority of which were pre revenue, with many consisting of one or two people in a kitchen or garage. 

Some of John’s more notable exits include Xlibris.comLiveLOOK.com sold to Oracle and Diapers.com sold to Amazon for $545 million. 

John’s discussion is aimed specifically at pre-revenue and pre-customer companies. 

He will talk about how angel determine valuation, what they require as a return on investment, and how to entice an angel to actually provide funding. 

If you are the principal of a pre-revenue or pre-customer company, thsi is the meeting you should attend.  Join us for lunch on September 17.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
12 Noon -3 PM

Princeton Marriott Hotel and Conference Center at Forrestal
100 College Road EastPrinceton, NJ

$50.00 per person, pre-registered and pre-paid by 5:00 PM Friday, 
September 12, 2014

$60.00 at the door 

A full buffet lunch and dessert will be provided 

Pre-register by credit card below at "Register for This Event" or by check mailed 
to NJEN, 11 Honey Lake Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540

Fee: public $50.00

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